Textile- Nasiol-T & T1 & T1 scented

Protects textile and fabric surfaces from stain and water.

Hydrophobic and oleophobic properties gives coated fabrics anti-stain and easy-clean features and creates waterproof fabric. Product ranges also protect the textile-based materials from UV rays, thus prolonging the lifespan of the fabric and its dyes. Old-school textile coatings generally need high heat for curing and shows poor durability. But with Nasiol T fabric waterproofing spray coatings, you will not experience this lack.

You can check our range of retail size waterproof sprays for personal, car, home and yacht uses.Application areas: Garments, upholstery textiles, seats, including those in transportation vehicles, private and public (Plane, Car, Ferry, Bus, Train), carpets, curtains and all other textile surfaces.

Product Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)-Nasiol-T